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How to Succeed During the TOUGHEST Months of the Year (a Q4 wake-up call) | DFIO Ep.286

About Today’s Episode:

Welcome back to the show! I'm PUMPED that you're here. Today is a solo episode, but it’s gonna be a good one—this is your Q4 wake-up call!

For this episode, I reached out to my team and asked them, “What are people struggling with right now? What do people need to hear?”

There was a pretty consistent consensus, and what was needed was a wake-up call about how we’re coming up on some of the hardest times to navigate during the year—especially when it comes to making progress in your weight loss goals.

A lot of people hit the final quarter of the year, lose their progress, and find themselves back at square one—and they keep repeating the cycle.

So that's what we're talking about today: how to break the cycle, how to stop it from happening again, and how to make the final three months of the year the best ever and really set yourself up for success heading into 2024.

Let’s get into it!


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Recognize the Pattern:

Okay, we’re just outside the last three months of the year, but I want to start by saying that it doesn’t matter if you're reading this when it drops, two months from now, in the middle of the year next year, or whenever.

Anytime you need to get your shit together, I want you to go through the process we are about to discuss.

The reason why I am covering this now is because this is a hard time of year. This is when most people will lose all their progress and start back at square one.

Also, influencers are pushing diet culture BS super hard right now.

I’m seeing a lot of, “Don't eat sugar,” “Go to the gym to burn off the extra calories,” “Take your meal prep stuff to grandma's for Thanksgiving”—all this type of stuff is being pushed really hard right now.

Most people are about to lose all their progress.

We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and most people will go into the holidays and start thinking, “I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know if I should even try.”

They’ll self-sabotage.

You need to take a step back. Look at what happens every time you fall off, you sabotage, etc. What happens every holiday season?

Self-awareness and pattern recognition are two of the biggest assets in this game.

If you keep saying, “I’ll get back on track after Thanksgiving, after Christmas, after the start of the year…”

…it’s a pattern. And it’s a problem.

Every time we continue down a pattern, it gets stronger.

If you always fall off or gain your weight back, you are actually developing a skill—you are getting really good at gaining weight back, falling off, starting over, etc.

We talked about this in the last solo episode: if you’ve been “starting over Monday” for the last 5 years, you would have started over more than 260 times.

You aren’t just holding yourself back, you are getting active reps in constantly starting over.

You need to understand that your mind and nervous system crave what’s familiar, so if you are always falling off and failing, failure is going to feel like home.

We need to fix that by getting out of the pattern.

The best way to gain power over your subconscious patterns is to realize you're in the pattern.

For example, I say “like,” and “um,” all the time. I didn’t realize that until someone pointed that out to me. It was a subconscious pattern—and now that I know about it, it's getting better, I’m slowly starting to use those filler words less.

You have to identify the pattern so you can get out of it.

Now, I know that a lot of you are probably feeling overwhelmed, but this is a great time to tackle these things. If you can get your shit together now, you will be bulletproof.

This is actually my favorite time of year to take on clients because we get to prove to them that you can be present, enjoy the holidays, and NOT sabotage yourself.

What to do Now:

Now is the time for you to evaluate your 2023 goals and start making your 2024 goals.

We want to set your 2024 goals now so you can hit the ground running on January 1st.

#1 Reflect & Audit:

We need to reflect and audit. We need to look at and absorb some of the data so we can make the appropriate decisions going forward.

This is a self-assessment, so don’t judge or shame yourself. This is purely data. Look at this as if you are helping your best friend.

  1. What happened in 2023?

    1. Are you where you want to be? Did you fall off?

  2. Where did things go wrong?

    1. Was it the first couple weeks? Did you start with motivation but then quit around February? Was it last week?

  3. Where were the holes at?

    1. Was it nutrition? Workouts? Binge eating? Motivation? Perhaps workouts were good, but your mindset around nutrition is where you struggled. Things like that.

  4. Looking back, what could you have done differently?

    1. Maybe you needed to be less aggressive and more sustainable—or maybe you needed to make certain things non-negotiable.

#2 What’s the Goal Now:

What’s the goal now? We need to reassess whether the goal is a good goal or not.

Do you even want the thing anymore?

Has your goal changed?

Think about whether or not the goal is something that you still want to achieve.

A lot of times, we get clients who come into coaching obsessed with a certain number on the scale—and by the end, they realize that they don’t actually care about that number or the scale.

Sometimes we get attached to these goals, but never stop to consider if the goal is something that we still want. So, stop and assess.

If you need to know more about goal-setting, check out this previous episode.

#3 What’s The Plan:

What’s the plan? A goal without a plan is a pipedream.

Now, because I’m speaking to many here—not 1:1, like in coaching—I’m going to give you guys a list of suggestions and tell you how to think about your actions.

Also, if you have more questions, please feel free to DM me, email me, or reach out in any way you want. I’m always here to help.

Now, actionwise: what are the 1 to 3 things you need to implement?

1 to 3, no more.

If 3 is a lot for you, go to 2. If 2 is a lot, make it 1.

If you can execute 1 habit—like walking every day, tracking your food, journaling every day, strength training three days a week—whatever your action is for the rest of the quarter, you'll crush it.

You'll be in a great place come January.

Pick 1 to 3 things that you’re going to commit to for the rest of the quarter.

Make these habits ungodly simple—and if you’re struggling with what the habit should be, think mind, mouth, movement.

Go back to where the holes were in 2023:

Was it your mind, the inner game, binge eating?

Was it a mouth thing, your nutrition?

Was it a movement thing, was your training all over the place?

Make it simple.

Remove Expectation:

For the rest of the year, I want you to remove all expectations.

I want you to just show up with no expectation of weight loss or anything for the next quarter.

When was the last time you showed up with zero expectations?

A lot of times people show up only if the scale is going down, only if they feel motivation, etc.

I want you to show up and believe that when the result is ready, it will reveal itself.

I’m telling you, when you do that, you’ll get the fastest, best results, with the least amount of friction you’ve ever received.

It’s the best thing ever.

#4 Follow Through on the Plan:

Lastly, you need to make following through a non-negotiable. Don’t wake up and think, “Oh, I’m not motivated today, I’m not going to show up.”

Commit to this plan.

The cool thing about this game is that you could have literally fucked off for the last 30 years and be a completely different person a year from now.

Sustainable weight loss and dieting from the inside out can be so fast contextually—think six months, a year, two years, no struggles, everything you ever wanted…

That sounds fast to me.

Lastly, if you do mess up, fall off, get sick, or whatever the case may be, I want you back on track within the day.

Miss a workout? You’re still on track that day with your nutrition.

Overeat at lunch? You’re back on track at dinner.

We don't say, “Fuck it, it’s all or nothing.”

We're not all-or-nothing people here.

You committed to showing up without expectation.

You committed to showing up for yourself no matter what happens.

Now, your little golden rule is that you get right back on track.


#1 Reflect & Audit

#2 What’s the Goal Now?

#3 What’s the Plan?

Focus Area: Remove Expectation

#4 Follow Through on the Plan

That’s all I want you to do for the rest of the year—keep it nice and simple.

If you are overwhelmed and you want help, please apply for coaching.

If you aren’t ready for coaching, join our Facebook community. You need a community of like-minded people. If you put yourself in the right community, a lot of your struggles will go away.

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