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Jared Hamilton


Fitness Coach, Host of Dieting from the Inside Out Podcast, Speaker

Well, hey there, welcome to my corner of the internet :)

My name is Jared Hamilton. I’m a coach, dog dad (x3), a blue belt in jiu-jitsu, and have a giant tree tattooed on my left arm.

About Jared

If you aren’t very familiar with me or my work and are a little concerned with my credibility, I totally get it. To give you a little context, I’m kind of a mash up: I grew up as a fat kid and struggled with my own shit for most of my life. I've been professionally coaching people for the last decade, helping hundreds of people all over the world and I've built, scaled, and own my global coaching business—Hamilton Trained.


Oh, and my favorite food is donuts (maple glazed, cream filled Long John for those curious).

Dog dad stuff and donuts aside, I’m a coach that helps people all over the world, in all walks of life—but mostly shitty ones. 


I’m here to help fix everything you struggle with and to radically shift your entire perspective and understanding of fat loss, this diet game, and improving your life. Because the truth is this: I’m just like you—despite having the title of 'coach.'


Growing up I always struggled with my weight. I was always the fat kid who loved food and I’m just a normal person—not someone who likes to go to the gym and eat perfectly when they’re bored. Not only did I struggle with getting results, I struggled to keep them. Not to mention all the other gross stuff… Binge eating, emotional eating, self-sabotage, fear of and obsession with food, no confidence, blah blah blah… sound familiar?

But because I've been through it all, I know how to fix it. All of it.



About the Show

The show is called Dieting from the Inside Out for a reason. Because you don’t need more diet culture. You don’t need more ‘eat less, move more, work harder’ content.


We’re going to get deep together. This isn’t your normal diet or weight loss advice. I’m going to show you how to fix your inner game—but as it applies to weight loss. In jiu-jitsu there’s a term that goes ‘where the head goes, the body follows’ and it’s the same thing here. If your head game, your inner game, and your overall identity isn’t in a good place, you won’t keep any physical result.


A saying I use a lot is, “outer work without inner work doesn’t work.” Therefore, most people’s problems can’t be solved with more weight loss or another diet program. Things like binge eating, emotional eating, food relationships, your identity, emotional triggers, your inner child, habits, mindset, and headspace is what’s sabotaging you, to name a few. It’s no wonder why weight loss never works long-term or is ever good enough.


One of my favorite questions to ask people is, “if I could snap my fingers and all the weight you’re trying to lose comes off, would you be good?” After some pondering most people say, “no, I wouldn’t,” because there’d still be food relationship issues, binge eating, emotional eating, having no idea how to keep it off—sabotage would immediately set in, you get the idea.


So, if that’s the case, it begs the question, if magic doesn’t fix your problems why are we trying to white-knuckle through weight loss? Most people need to first diet from the inside out.


You know what happens when you truly dive in & diet from the inside out?

  • You end things like being controlled by food.

  • You lose weight and keep it off.

  • You keep the promises you make to yourself.

  • You get unreal levels of happiness and confidence.

  • You look and feel better.

  • You fix your relationship with food.

  • You take your life back.

And ultimately, you never struggle losing weight ever again.

Looking for more personalized help?

Ask about our coaching program to get and stay on track with your goals.

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