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You Are A Statistic | DFIO Ep.261

About Today’s Episode:

Welcome back to Dieting from the Inside Out!

Today is going to be a very different episode—it’s a solo episode and we are going to be talking about 3 different, but related, topics.

When I was thinking about what I was going to talk about today, I couldn’t decide between these 3 topics, so I just decided that I was going to cover all 3 in a single episode.

These topics might upset a few people, but I’m here to help you—not just make you feel good.

Let's get into it!


36:00 Recap

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You Are a Statistic:

I know this is going to upset some of you, but it’s the truth:

You’re a statistic.

If you are listening to this podcast, if you’ve ever downloaded a free workout guide—like my free Project90—you’re a statistic.

The reason why is because most people who download those free guides, who listen to a podcast like this about transforming yourself—they download the content, listen to it, etc., but then don’t actually do anything with it.

Most people will follow the Instagram pages and say, “Yeah, I’m going to do that,” and then don’t.

So you have to understand that from the moment you hit download, from the moment you hit play, from the moment you hit follow… you are a statistic.

You’re part of the overwhelming population who subscribe to this type of content and don’t do anything with it.

So the question is: how do you not become a statistic?

The answer is: execute and get results.

It’s that simple.

The question now is: why aren’t you?

Now, of course, there is a small sample of you listening that are executors—and I hope that my show pulls in more than the average—but most of you are a statistic because you don’t act.

My next question is: are you going to be a statistic?

I remember when I got married, the percentage of marriages that ended in divorce was about 50%. I remember thinking that I don’t want to be a statistic—I want to be in the percentage that stays with and lives a happy life with their partner.

I put a chip on my shoulder—I will not become a statistic.

Are cool being a statistic?

I can tell when we have people apply for coaching—within the first 3 minutes—if they are going to make excuses, find reasons not to sign up, whatever.

It happens with free coaching too. I have given away so much free coaching and, just recently, we gave 3 people 6 months of coaching, free…

…and one of them ghosted and just quit showing up.

We actually filled that spot with another person, because it wasn’t fair to everyone who entered to have someone just stop showing up.

I have had people who I know are really struggling, and I send them material, and they just don’t do it.

Most people are just fine being a statistic.

I remember when I started in business, I did not want to be part of the statistic that the vast majority of businesses fail.

Now, don’t get me wrong, failure is part of the process— but I didn’t want to be part of the statistic that gets knocked down and never tries again.

Again, when it comes to this stuff, the moment you hit download, you are a statistic. The only thing that changes that is action and execution.

Take action and show up for yourself. It’s so simple.

I would even argue that it’s easy. It’s just easiER not to do it.

Making your bed is easy, it’s just easier not to do it.

Working out is easy, it’s just easier not to do it.

Eating healthy is easy, it’s just easier not to do it.

Journaling for 5 minutes is easy, it’s just easier not to do it.

The easiER part is what makes it astronomically hard for some people to take action.

Again, if you're listening to this show, you’re a statistic.

And if you’re okay being a statistic, this show is not for you—because I want you guys to change your lives forever.

Execute ruthlessly and you’ll get results.

It surprises me how many people leave failure as an option. It’s something that you have to audit.

Are you leaving quitting as an option on the table?

Are you leaving being a statistic as an option on the table?

You can’t be what I call “half-pregnant.” You either are pregnant or you’re not. If you’re already one foot out the door and approaching things with the attitude of, “I’m going to try this, and if it doesn’t work, whatever,” then you’re going to find ways to validate those decisions and those behaviors.

It’s like if you get married, but your partner has already picked up divorce papers in case it doesn’t work. It’s no wonder that they aren’t committed.

Pain is the number one driver of human behavior, but so many of you are so used to being in pain that it doesn’t hurt as much anymore.

I’ll be on a call with someone and ask them why they want to do coaching, and it’s always painful answers:

“My kids are following in my footsteps.”

“I’m a recluse.”

“I literally look for reasons not to go out and enjoy my life.”

“It’s affecting my mental health.”

“I’m going to die 10 years early.”

The list goes on.

Then when I say, “okay, let’s lock arms and do this,” it becomes, “...Oh, let me think about it.”

Which is fine—I’ll never pressure someone into coaching—but it blows my mind.

To me, it sounds like there is no choice but to change—but it comes down to what hurts most.

For some people, spending a little bit of money hurts worse than a lifetime of suffering.

Kyle Cease says, “In life, we can only measure what we’ll lose. We can’t measure what we’ll gain.”

It’s the same thing with this.

Most people are okay with leaving failure as an option on the table.

I don’t know what world you live in, but that’s not where I want to live. That’s not what this show is for. I would hate for you guys to listen to this show for several years and stay in the same place.

I have been doing this show for over 5 years and I would hate for you to be in the same place as you were when episode 1 came out

I think it’s important that we have this conversation that most people are a statistic. They keep absorbing more and more information, but you don’t need more information, you need help executing.

I’ll be honest with you, 98% of people who get into coaching know what they need to do, they just need help executing. They need that accountability.

The problem isn’t information, the problem is not executing—and leaving failure as an option.

So, point one: you’re a statistic and the only way to not be a statistic is ruthless execution and action.

Can You Logically Explain How You Get Results for Yourself?

I did an email on this and got a pretty good response, so I wanted to expand on it here.

Can you logically explain to me how you get results for yourself?

Most of you are going through this transformation game by yourself. Let’s say you are trying to lose weight, change your life, etc.—can you logically explain to me how you will get results for yourself?

Here’s the reason why I ask:

If you can’t tell me how you’re going to do it, you can’t expect to do it in real life.

For example, I’m a coach, and I have built a coaching business at scale—but imagine if I couldn’t explain to you how we get results.

If I just said, “yeah we do this thing, and then we do this, and we just kind of make changes from there.”

Do you feel like you could execute that plan?

Probably not.

So, if you are doing this on your own, you need to be able to explain how you get results for yourself.

You're starting here and you want to get over there—and stay over there. How are you going to do that?

If you can’t explain—logically—how you are going to make this happen, it’s no wonder you can’t get your actions in check.

If you walk into a bank for a business loan, but you don’t have a business plan, you aren’t going to get a loan.

Most of you who are struggling are just out here winging it.

You’re approaching things like, “I’m just going to do all this stuff online and see what sticks,” or “I’m going to do this workout plan and crazy diet, and hope for the best.”

And then you wonder why you fall off after two weeks or why you lose a bunch of weight and then gain it back the next month.

Please hear me when I say, if you cannot logically explain to me how you’re going to get from one point to the next point—and stay there—your actions are not going to follow through.

Let’s reverse roles. If you asked me, “Jared, how do you create results with your clients? You work with hundreds of people.”

I would say, right out of the gate, we have to fix the foundations—you haven’t earned the right to lose weight yet.

Because you probably binge eat, you probably emotionally eat, you probably have years or even decades of conditioning around failure, I know you’re not ready to lose weight.

We are going to fix your foundations first.

We’re going to stop the unconscious sabotage pattern so you’ll be able to keep the weight off.

We’re going to fix your binge eating, fix your consistency, and discipline so you don’t have to work as hard.

We’re going to fix your relationship with food so there’s no guilt and we’re going to fix your metabolism so that when it is time to lose weight, you won’t have to starve yourself.

We’ll call that Stage One: “Dieting From The Inside Out.”

Now that we have done that, you’ve earned your golden ticket into the fat loss stage. We’ll call it the “Boring Work” stage.

This is where you’ll lose inches.

This is where your clothes will start to fit.

This is where people will start to ask you what you’re doing.

We are going to do this with the smallest calorie deficit possible—you’ll be eating your favorite foods every single day so there’s no binge eating and no guilt.

We are going to have you exercise and train the least amount possible for your goals and we are going to optimize all of this stuff around your life, so it’s not that big of a deal—you won’t have to bend your life around fitness.

We are going to get all that stuff to happen without low-calorie diets, starvation, guilt, etc.

Then we’ll go into Stage 3, we’ll call it the “Mastering” stage.

This is where your exit strategy comes into place.

We are going to come out of your deficit so you can go through life with your newfound results—and have your maintenance level nutrition, exercise, etc.

You’re free from food, diet culture, and yourself.

That’s how we create results.

Do you see how logical that was?

Now, this isn’t a coaching push and your answer doesn’t need to be exactly like mine, but you need to be able to logically explain how you are going to get results.

If you can’t logically explain it, you’re not going to be able to take action.

It would be like expecting a child to run before learning to walk or crawl.

If you can’t explain it you won’t be able to execute it.

Here’s the really hard truth:

You only have so much of that in your system.

Not only is it hard on your metabolism—but every time you lose weight, gain it back, lose weight, and gain it back, you’re also ingraining it on a neurological level.

It’s like how if you practice guitar every day, you’ll get really good at playing guitar.

Here you're getting really good at gaining weight back, you're getting really good at struggling, you’re getting really good at never getting where you want to be.

For those of you who have been struggling for a long time, struggling kind of feels like home—and the thought of losing weight and keeping it off is kind of terrifying.

This is the hard thing about conditioning.

Even if you hate your life, can’t play with your kids, and are going to die early, your brain is like, “yeah, but it kind of feels like home.”

The idea of losing weight and keeping it off is scary—and that’s why you want to stay trapped.

The brain is all about self-preservation. It doesn’t care if you’re happy.

Again, if you can’t tell me how you logically will create results for yourself, you’re not going to.

That’s the hard truth.

Faster is Not Always Better:

This is another one I did an email on (and I encourage you guys to sign up for my email list if you aren’t on it. It’s not spammy—or just one big sales pitch—it’s an area where I put out higher-level content, and it’s great if you like to read versus watch or listen.)

Imagine you need to go to the grocery store.

For example, I live 12 minutes from Walmart.

If it takes me 12 minutes to get there going 30 MPH, imagine if I went 100 MPH. It’d be way faster, right?

In theory, maybe… but In reality, there is construction going on, there are traffic lights, and there are always school buses around.

So what would actually happen if I went 100 MPH to Walmart is I would get pulled over, I would get in a bunch of car accidents, and I would probably hit some kids or construction workers.

So, would it actually be faster? No, not in reality.

Faster always sounds better on paper, but that’s not always the case.

If you bake a cake and the directions say to bake it at 400 degrees for 40 minutes, you can’t double the heat to 800 degrees and cut the time in half.

You’d have a cake that is burnt on the outside and raw on the inside.

What’s the fastest way to bake a cake? Follow the recipe.

What’s the fastest way to get to the grocery store? Follow the rules of the road.

It’s the same here.

Most people will drop their calories a little and do a few workouts and see some results and think more is better, faster is better, more is faster.

You’re getting greedy with your results.

If you cut 100 calories, it makes sense on paper to cut 1000 calories—but it doesn’t work in reality.

You’re doubling the heat and dropping the time on the cake.

Faster is not always better.

  1. You’re a statistic—and the only way to not be a statistic is ruthless execution and action.

  1. If you can’t logically explain to me how you’ll create results for yourself—you’re not going to.

  1. Faster is not always better for weight loss—actually rarely is it better. Trying to speed things up is actually slowing you down. Follow the “rules of the road.” Slow, steady, and monotonous is the way to go.


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