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What's ACTUALLY Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals with Dr. Sean Pastuch | DFIO Ep.287

About Today’s Episode:

What's going on, friends? Welcome back to the show! I have an amazing, jam-packed episode for you today.

Our guest is Dr. Sean Pastuch, and I wanted to get him on the show today because not only does he have a ton of experience working with people, but he has a very different methodology.

We talk about his philosophy and headspace, what's actually stopping real, normal people from getting to where they want to be, he goes in-depth on how to lead with your values when changing your own behavior, and lastly, we talk about his opinion specifically on mindset in the inner game when it comes to the goal of transforming your body.

Again, this is a super-packed episode and I know you guys are going to get a lot out of it!

Let’s dive in!


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The Importance of Core Values:

Dr. Sean believes that we sabotage because we never say what we want and thus are never able to stand behind it.

People get really good at describing who they don’t want to be, how they don’t want to look, etc., but they’re never able to specifically describe who they do want to be.

Being able to say, “This is what I want” and “This is what I’m going to do” is much more powerful than saying, “This is what I don’t want.”

Dr. Sean believes there are a plethora of reasons why people never stop to think about what they do want—they don’t think they deserve it, they don’t think they’re capable, they don’t know how to do it in alignment with their values, etc.

This leads a person to sabotage or work towards goals that aren’t even their own.

Where to Start:

If you can’t afford coaching, Dr. Sean recommends finding 1 person each in the categories of fitness, medical, relationships, mental health, and finances, and following only those people on social media—and consuming their content for a year.

Limiting your content intake to the people you’ve selected will drown out extraneous voices and the consistency of the people you’re following will impact you for the better.

If you have some money to invest in your transformation, Dr. Sean recommends finding a paid group that will elevate your personal values.

He says to allow yourself to be impressed by people who are doing impressive things and learn from them instead of trying to always be that impressive person.

If you can afford a mentor, Dr. Sean recommends having one. He, himself, has—and will always have—a mentor because it provides him with a higher level of consistency than he feels he can achieve on his own.

Dr. Sean also says that instead of the stereotypical, “Don’t compare yourself to others…” mantra you hear so often, he says that you should compare yourself to others, but compare how consistent you are versus how consistent they are.

“I Need to Do It Without Help”

Believing that you need to “prove” that you can do something without help is one of two things: insecurity or a cop-out.

Generally, this could be that you don’t trust the coach, the process, or your ability to follow through—or you’ve been burned by another coach or company in the past.

There may be insecurity around trusting another coach and relying on a mentor to guide you and hold you accountable.

What Dr. Sean Has Learned From Filming His "Street Content":

Jared really enjoys Dr. Sean’s, “street content,” where Sean goes out and conducts interviews with real people out walking around.

From those interviews, Dr. Sean has confirmed that the two biggest factors of whether or not a person is going to work out are cost and convenience.

He believes that this is why many gym owners and coaches often end up in a race to the bottom with their prices—but that this appeal to the mass markets misses out on 1-3% of the population who are looking for something more.

This has led Dr. Sean to the goal of building up staff and a company that has the knowledge, lives the life, and delivers to the client a superior experience in achieving the success they are looking for.

What it Takes to be Successful:

Dr. Sean focuses on clients who may not have worked out in a very long time, or who have an injury, but keep being told by their doctor to just not do things that hurt—people who are not being served by the fitness or medical industry.

Dr. Sean and his company, Active Live, focuses on helping people to become a positive social influence on others, which allows them to make any change they want to make in their life.

The way to do that—and to achieve success—is by understanding who you are and what the minimum promise you can make about the way you show up is.

Dr. Sean helps people figure this out by asking, “Who is the most important person in your life that you show up for? How would that person describe how you show up for them?”

All you can do is promise that that’s what you are aiming to become for everyone—including yourself.

By doing this, you remove all the expectations for time of outcome, as well as specificity of the outcome, like clothing size or weight.

This allows you to experiment and everything that you do will be in alignment with your goal.

Life, in regards to success, is all an experiment that you are continuously refining.

The All-or-Nothing Game:

Dr. Sean believes that people play the all-or-nothing game when they have the belief that, “I will love myself when…” and that you will never get there if you don’t love yourself first.

For those who don’t love themselves, the best way to give yourself love—and give yourself boundaries—is to cling to that minimum promise.

Keep your promises small and be consistent about hitting them so you can build trust with yourself.

Also, realize that the reason you are struggling to give yourself love is because you are basing your worth on the amount and frequency with which you receive love from other people.

When that’s the case, you will take on behaviors that bring love from other people—but those behaviors may not be in alignment with your values.

This leads to the fear that if you are yourself, people won’t love you.

While some people may not love the real you, those people never loved you to begin with.

Those who do love you know you and your insecurities.

It's all about what you can consistently show up and do.

Why People Make Outlandish Promises:

Dr. Sean believes that people's excitement leads them to create outlandish promises.

He also makes the point that you don’t gain 30lbs in a month.

Generally, you gain a little weight at a time…

…And then 10 years go by and you’re 30lbs heavier and don’t know how you got there.

Then, you know or have heard of someone who lost a large amount of weight in a year and think that needs to be you.

Instead, you need to develop a process that you can sustain forever. Fall in love with that process and fall in love with yourself.

The Importance of Who You Spend Your Time With:

If you are a person who says or believes that you know what to do, but you just aren’t doing it, look at who you spend time with.

Your friends are likely saying the same things—and you need to get around different people.

Changing your group is always uncomfortable.

You don’t have to cut people out of your life, but you need to shift your time toward being with people who you find aspirational because if you want to fit in with that group, you will align your behavior to it.

About Active Life:

Dr. Sean always starts with determining whether or not he and his company are a good fit for you. Then, they move into defining the client’s values.

He is very intentional about who he adds to the community he has created.

He then helps the client better communicate with themselves, which leads to better communication with their friends, family, and others.

The most important values Dr. Sean looks for in clients are: patience, being a student, vulnerability or the interest in developing it, respect, accountability, and lastly, whether or not someone fits the community’s general vibe.

Dr. Sean and his team always want to ensure that whoever they’re bringing in is truly a good fit culturally.


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