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The Inner Game, the Importance of Community, & How Water Could Literally Save Your Life | DFIO 285

About Today’s Episode:

What's going on, friends? Welcome back to a brand new episode of Dieting From the Inside Out!

Today, I have a really cool episode for you. I am interviewing a friend of mine named Krish. A lot of you may already follow her on social media and we get into a LOT in this episode.

We had a ton of fun and we had a great conversation—we talked about her story behind how drinking water literally saved her life, we talked about where most people go wrong so you can avoid these common pitfalls, and we also got into her perspective on the inner game.

It’s an amazing episode, you're going to learn a lot in this one, and I know you're gonna want to stick around for the whole thing.

Let’s get into it!


Krish’s Story (how water literally saved her life):

Krish briefly trained as an amateur boxer and was preparing for an event, when she went on vacation to Bali. During her trip, she got into a crash on a scooter, but fortunately, her injuries were limited. She needed a cast for a while, but when she got back from vacation, she went about her usual routine.

Despite Krish going about her normal life, her body was still repairing itself from the crash, and though she tried to take time off from the gym, when she decided it was time to get back to it, she ended up going overboard.

Krish woke up with a stiff arm one morning and, after a few days of trying to wait it out, decided to go to the hospital, where she learned that she had torn a muscle…

…And that enzymes were seeping into her kidneys—putting her at risk of organ failure.

At the hospital, Krish was pumped with fluids, but after several days, Krish’s numbers were still very up and down, and on the whole not really improving. Despite the doctor’s concerns, Krish begged to be sent home, promising that she would continue to drink plenty of water.

Through this experience, Krish realized that she did not drink enough water—and that sometimes she would actually pass out from lack of water.

As Krish started to commit to drinking more water, she started encouraging others to do the same, and started posting reminders to drink water on social media—which became her calling card.

How Krish Started Coaching:

Before the pandemic, Krish had been working as a recruiter—only working part-time as an in-person trainer.

Her job as a recruiter started to take a toll on her during the pandemic, as part of her work responsibilities involved not only placing people in jobs but also letting them know they had been laid off.

With her recruiting job taking such a toll on her, Krish stopped taking care of herself, stopped drinking water, and deleted her social media.

Eventually, Krish started listening to inspirational podcasts and slowly started to pull herself out of her depression—in particular because of a Tony Robbins podcast she heard.

She got back on social media, connected with a business coach, and started her online coaching business.

Krish focused on what was in her control to pull herself out of her depression and get her online business going.

She recognizes that difficult seasons of life are necessary to be able to enjoy the good times, but that no matter what season of life you’re in, there will always be at least something that is in your own control.

Jared agrees that it’s vital to focus on what’s in our control and that—no matter the situation—there are always at least one or two things.

Too often, however, people hyperfixate on the things they cannot control in their lives.

All the little things—like drinking water—add up to getting further than just focusing on big goals.

What Stops People From Getting Where They Want:

Krish believes that who you choose to follow and the content you take in makes a huge difference. What you are fueling your brain with will become what you are focusing on and taking action towards.

Jared agrees that the social content you take in is like mental deposits—if you have trash coming through upstairs, trash will come through in your actions.

What Makes Client’s Successful:

Krish believes that the number one quality that makes someone successful in weight loss and transformation is being comfortable with getting out of your comfort zone.

She recognizes that it can be very scary for a person to get out of their comfort zone—especially if you have tried many different diets and struggled to lose weight—but trusting your coach and getting out of your comfort zone is vital for success.

Jared believes that the natural desire for a person to not be uncomfortable is part of the reason why we often don’t make it in weight loss on our own—we let ourselves get away with shit.

Small, stackable habits are extremely helpful when trying to build towards larger changes or if there is a lot of resistance to change. Something like a gratitude journal or making the bed can be a great first step.

How To Drink More Water:

When Krish has someone who struggles to drink water, she has a couple different suggestions.

First, for those who don’t like the taste: try different water because there can be a lot of variance in how different types of water taste..

She also suggests trying a different water bottle because it might not be the water, but more the vessel you’re drinking from. In particular, she has noticed that having a water bottle with a straw seems to make it much easier to drink water for many people she has worked with.

Getting a bottle that you like drinking out of will help you tackle a small step—like drinking enough water—and potentially prevent you from feeling like a “failure” because you “can’t even drink water.”

Krish also thinks that you need to learn to be aware of and cautious about all-or-nothing mindsets, like deciding you’re a failure and won’t succeed because you didn’t drink water.

You have to take a step back and reframe.

Mindset & the Inner Game:

When it comes to the inner game, Krish dives into the chakras and why we are so much more than simply “I am.”

The root chakra is, “I am.”

This is the chakra that most people easily give energy to—but there are 7 chakras, each representing a concept that we can give energy to.

The sacral chakra is, “I feel.”

Instead of saying, “I am going to drink more water,” you can say, “I feel myself being more hydrated.”

The solar plexus chakra is, “I have an abundance.”

The heart chakra is, “I love.”

The throat chakra is, “I speak.”

The third eye is, “I see.”

And the crown chakra is, “I know.”

There are all these different areas you can focus on and put your energy towards. This helps you take control of the different aspects of yourself and direct your thoughts and actions.

The Importance of Community:

Krish has a strong community, which her clients always report is their favorite part of coaching.

Having a safe space where everyone can be honest, vulnerable, transparent, and get support is so helpful for not only achieving your transformation, but also maintaining it.

We become like those we are associated with—so if you put yourself around the right people, it makes a huge impact on getting where you want to be.

What’s Next For Krish:

Krish has a lot going on, but is learning to sit in her space to allow herself to be present.

While she is growing her business and spreading her vision, she is most excited about how much she has been growing personally.


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