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How to Keep Making Progress After Coaching (with Coach Grant & Stephanie) | DFIO Ep.252

About Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode, we interview an amazing lady named Stephanie. Stephanie had, what I call, the “struggle story”—the yo-yo diets, issues with the scale, food relationship issues—and she’d been struggling for years.

Stephanie signed up for coaching with us and she absolutely crushed it. Now, it's been two years since she graduated from the 180 Impact coaching program and she’s STILL crushing it.

Today you’re going to hear from myself, Stephanie, and Coach Grant to learn what you can do right now to finally put an end to your struggles and completely 180 your life.

I know you’re going to get a ton out of this episode, so let’s get into it!


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Stephanie’s Story:

Before coaching, Stephanie was in a cycle of trying to figure out how to lose weight in the quickest way possible. She tried various fad diets, only to fall off and then gain the weight back—and then some.

Her military background did benefit her in that she never had an issue with working out, but because of her weight, it was painful to do so. Stephanie was on Phentermine, a medication that is used to reduce appetite, in addition to various diets like Weight Watchers and keto.

Stephanie was at a point where she hated herself. She couldn’t play with her daughter or even walk her a block to school.

During this time, her doctor had brought up the possibility of having gastric bypass surgery, but that possibility scared Stephanie because she personally knew someone who, after getting a gastric bypass, ended up with a number of health issues and vitamin deficiencies. It was also around this time that Stephanie discovered Jared’s content on TikTok.

Stephanie hit rock bottom when, one day, her daughter asked her to chase her at the park and she couldn’t. Not being able to play with her daughter was a wake-up call for her.

Through coaching, Stephanie discovered many triggers and reasons why she would self-sabotage. She was able to set boundaries with her mother—who had a habit of saying things that threw off Stephanie’s mental game.

She learned about calorie intake, foods she needed to eat—like getting her veggies in—and healthy balance through the 180 Impact Program.

Stephanie was also able to let go of her desire for weight loss and rediscovered her love of working out and getting strong.

Where the Shift Started:

For Stephanie, the mastery over her weight loss struggles came when she had a conversation with Grant. She was expressing a desire to be strong and Grant asked her what it would look like if the scale never moved, but she was strong like she wanted to be.

After the call, Stephanie realized that she was happy being strong, she didn’t need the weight loss, her blood work was good, and she was healthy. From there she was able to embrace this new outlook.

Grant sees a lot of people who believe that they need to meet their goals while they are working with a coach, but in reality, the goal of coaching is to set the clients up for long-term success—where they continue working towards their evolving goals for years to come.

Stephanie still uses the workouts that Grant gave her when she was a client two years ago and is active in posting her workouts and progress. She gets to enjoy teasing her husband because she is stronger and enjoys working towards her goals and staying on track, even years after graduating from 180 Impact.

Grant saw the shift come for Stephanie when she started keeping the big picture in mind and wasn’t tied to losing a certain amount of weight in a certain amount of time. He also noticed that her relationship with food started to shift.

When Stephanie went from viewing food as something to lose weight with to something to fuel her body, she was able to allow herself to have the things she wanted.

This shift happened for Stephanie naturally, over time. She let go of the need to track everything and realized that if she forgot it was okay. She is also very much a creature of habit, though, so she utilizes meal prep so she doesn’t mindlessly eat. This self-awareness has been key in Stephanie’s ability to make and maintain her progress.

Letting Go of Timelines:

Stephanie was able to let go of her desire to reach her weight loss goals when, 1) she heard Jared talk about how you don’t gain weight overnight, and you don’t lose it overnight—it’s a process, and 2) she realized that, even without the scale moving, her clothes were fitting better. Her husband also noticed the changes and told her she was looking good—and people at the gym noticed she was looking better, and they told her as much.

All of these things made her realize that she didn’t need to worry so much about the number on the scale.

Grant remembers looking at Stephanie’s progress pictures with her. At first, she was not able to see her own progress, but when they were able to compare her first photo with her fifth—she started to be able to see and appreciate the changes.

Jared brings up how we get what we look for. If you are looking for negatives, you will find negatives—because of the reticular activating system. Your mind will show you the things you are focused on and are looking for.

Stephanie remembers either Grant or Jared telling her to “call out the progress” with every little thing, because it was something she really struggled with in the beginning. This concept helped Stephanie so much that she keeps the words “Call Out The Progress” written on the mirror in her home gym.

Jared finds that people are so reluctant to call out their progress because they are used to failure and have a sense of unworthiness.

Stephanie agrees and recalls how she would beat herself up in the beginning when she struggled to call out her progress and when she felt unworthy.

There were times early in her weight loss journey when the scale would be down and she would self-sabotage by over-eating.

She felt unworthy of being successful.

This was driven through experiences like having doctors tell her that she was just a “healthy fat person” or having nurses tell her she was obese and needed to do something about her weight—when, at that point, Stephanie was working out 6 days a week and had an undiscovered thyroid issue.

Getting Through the Rocky Times:

Grant recalls that each time Stephanie had an adjustment on her medication the scale would do some crazy things for a while. Over time, however, she was able to realize that it was perfectly normal and that it would be okay.

For Stephanie, going through the experience of having her medication adjusted, sticking with her program, and seeing her progress get back on course over and over really drove home the idea that she can always get back on track. She just needed to have patience.

Jared is very impressed with how self-aware Stephanie is with her weight loss—especially when compared with where she started.

Stephanie is very diligent about journaling and setting aside her feelings and doubts and sticking with what she knows works.

Getting Over the Hesitation to Hire a Coach:

Stephanie had some hesitation to sign-up for 180 Impact because she had tried so many different things and failed. But with the encouragement of her sister and the support of her husband, she was able to make the leap.

For Stephanie, once the money was gone, she needed to get serious. She was motivated to take complete advantage of everything that was available to her through the program.

Jared reiterates that he does not want to twist anyone’s arm when it comes to coaching, but he believes that people who pay, pay attention. Jared gets pushback from people all the time about this, but he knows of very few people who can follow his free content and achieve their goals. He recalls one guy who followed his Instagram and lost 70 lbs, but most people cannot execute in that way.

Jared’s current mentor was the largest investment he has personally made. When he first started working with him, the moment of transferring the money to pay for mentorship made him emotional. He immediately wondered, “what did I just do?” but, consequently, it made him work even harder and he has seen a great ROI.

Stephanie experienced this same concept with her daughter, who had previously wrecked two cars that Stephanie bought her. Though neither accident was her fault, Stephanie told her she wasn’t going to buy her another car.

Her daughter has since bought her own car—with her own hard-earned money—and is much more aware when it comes to taking care of it.

Stephanie believes that stopping the cycle and getting healthy now not only lets someone enjoy their life, but also not have to worry about medical bills down the line.

What Made Stephanie Successful:

As a coach, Grant is used to analyzing the strengths of his clients and helping them lean into them. Stephanie is very disciplined and was able to use that to get to where she wanted to be.

Grant advises those listening to identify their strengths and use those to the best of their ability to accomplish their goals.

In the beginning, Stephanie did have a little bit of a struggle when it came to pulling back and not going overboard in trying to push herself, but part of what she learned in 180 Impact was that there is a time to rest and that she doesn't need to be constantly moving and working out.

Final Thoughts From Stephanie:

Stephanie’s advice is to know that you are worthy, that your health is worth it, not to quit, and always love yourself.

If you really love yourself, you’ll do what it takes to love yourself and take care of yourself.

Jared wants those listening to know if their old self—or their ego—tried to give a rebuttal to what Stephanie said, just ask it, “at what point ARE you worthy?”

You’ll find that it doesn’t have an answer—and that’s because you’re always worthy.


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