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How Meagan Transformed Her Life in 90 Days (& how you can too) | Dieting from the Inside Out Ep.236

About this Episode:

In this episode, we talk to Coach Abby and our client, Meagan, who has had an insane 90 days!

I wanted to do this because when you hear from someone who has a life just like you—the same stressors, history, and struggles—you can find hope when you hear how they overcame obstacles that you also experience.

Meagan has been dieting for the past decade, she had zero confidence and zero success. She had tons of bad habits and her struggles bled into other areas of her life, her work, her relationships, and her happiness.

Over the past three months, Meagan’s relationship with food has been completely transformed. She’s happier and is losing inches while feeling better and eating more.

I think you’re really going to love this episode!


00:00 – Introduction

00:37 – About Meagan

04:01 – Our Sponsors

07:15 – Meagan’s Story

13:35 – The Scale vs Results

23:00 – Psychology and Reality

28:08 – Meagan’s Experience with the Program

37:05 – Impact on Meagan’s Life, Tips from Meagan and Abby

44:55 – Special Offer for Podcast Listeners

Episode Transcript (click to expand)

Episode Synopsis

Meagan’s Story:

Meagan has had body image issues and struggled with her relationship with food since she was young—around 12 years old. She felt hopeless before starting coaching and was stuck in a binge-restrict cycle for a decade, and she was always told that, because of her height, 4’ 11”, she could only consume a very small number of calories.

Since starting coaching, Meagan has been able to increase her caloric intake while losing weight and inches. Currently, Meagan’s weight has stayed relatively stable, but her clothes are fitting better, and some are even too big now.

The Scale VS Results:

One of Meagan’s biggest obstacles was the number on the scale. The scale used to have a hold on her, but after going through the process of fixing her relationship with food, she has been able to free herself from fear of the scale and regular daily weight fluctuations.

Through her program, Meagan has also come to understand that she was over-exercising and learned what her realistic exercise needs are and the importance of strength training. Abby has worked with Meagan on bringing her exercise down to a manageable level that allows her to live her life and work out moderately.

Meagan’s true realization that dieting from the inside was working came when Abby told her that her weight was trending down while her caloric intake was going up. That proof was Meagan’s “ah-ha” moment.

This realization is the first goal of “Dieting from the Inside Out.” We want to bring clients to the same conclusion that Meagan has reached—that she could eat more, work out less, focus on strength training, and reach her goals.

This is our first goal because our memories of past struggles and successes with weight loss affect our belief of what will work and ultimately create negative food and exercise relationships.

By coming to this new way of thinking, our clients can change their reality and shatter old belief systems that have held them back.

Jared Hamilton recording the Dieting From the Inside Out Podcast with a quote about the brain and self-transformation.
"The brain only cares about self-preservation, it doesn't care about happiness." - Jared Hamilton

The Impact of Dieting from the Inside:

Our program takes a lot of trust from our clients, most of whom are like Meagan, and have only had experiences and advice that are completely different from what we tell them.

Meagan came to us at a point where nothing else was working and she was ready to jump in and completely trust Abby and follow her program. This trust and dedication has allowed Meagan to eat the foods she loves, listen to her body, and enjoy her workouts.

Meagan is also now comfortable knowing that her goals will take time and they will adjust as they go. She has learned to listen to her body and establish a lifestyle that can be maintained long-term.

Meagan has found that by fixing her relationship with food and exercise, she is happier and can go out and enjoy her life. Her energy is higher, and she feels better. Abby has noticed that, over time, Meagan’s confidence has grown, she knows what she wants, and can stand her ground better than before.

Meagan takes care of her mind, body, and spirit now, which has helped her evolve her relationship with food and exercise and completely 180 her life.


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