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How Lynn Ended Nearly 60 Years of Struggles & Found Food Freedom | DFIO Ep.277

About Today’s Episode:

Welcome back to a brand new episode of Dieting from the Inside Out. I have SUCH a cool interview for you today! I am interviewing one of my coaches, Sydnee, and her client, Lynn.

I wanted to get Lynn on the show because I know her story will change your entire perspective. Lynn is in her 60s and has struggled with dieting for decades. Since she started working with Coach Sydnee, Lynn has been able to completely 180 her life in just 4 months.

Think about that—5 or 6 decades worth of struggle, of yo-yo dieting, of failure, and weight gain, all the stuff, repaired because of our Dieting From The Inside Out methodology—because of the inner game tweaks and adjustments.

She has been able to end 50-60 years worth of struggle in 4 months and it has been the most amazing thing to watch firsthand.

Today, I want to show you her perspective. I want her to walk you through why this has been so successful and why she was able to do this.

So, if you're out there feeling like you're too far gone, you're too old, you’ve struggled for too long, I'm telling you—I want you to stay for this entire thing because Lynn's story will change everything for you.

If she can do it, there's no reason you can't.


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About Lynn & Her Progress :

Lynn has been overweight from a very young age and at 9 her mom put her on Weight Watchers. Lynn was not allowed to have foods that most kids were able to eat. Even on special occasions—like her birthday—Lynn would not be allowed to have cake.

Her entire household was constantly on a diet—always looking for the “next best thing.”

Lynn was also bullied growing up, which contributed to her lifelong struggles.

Over the years, Lynn tried many things to lose weight—not only diets, but also gastric bypass surgery.

Lynn did find success on multiple occasions, losing 100lbs 3 separate times, but she always gained the weight back.

On this most recent stint of losing and gaining, she gained about half of the weight back before she started looking for a different solution.

Lynn always found ways to mindlessly snack or binge. She just couldn’t stop herself.

Even having a total knee replacement surgery did not keep her from consistently finding her way to mindless eating.

Today, Lynn is 65, and through working with Coach Sydnee, she has learned how to completely change her identity—which has made all the difference for her lifelong struggles with weight loss.

Lynn now has a huge sense of freedom because she knows that no foods are “off limits.”

She can work things like cake or candy into her plan if that's what she wants. On days (or special occasions) where she goes over her calories, she’s okay with that.

It’s just an adjustment for that day and the next day Lynn gets up and keeps going with her plan. She does not give up.

Sydnee’s Perspective on Lynn’s Progress:

From the beginning, Sydnee saw Lynn putting in real effort to change her identity.

On their first call, Sydnee recalls that Lynn had a lot of self-doubt—questioning why and how this time would be different.

They talked a lot about identity in the beginning and Lynn made herself a T-chart of “Old Identity vs. New Identity,” so that when she was having a hard time, she could reference the chart and self-correct—something that she did a lot of in the beginning.

If Lynn stepped on the scale and felt bad, she would stop herself, reference her chart, and act in accordance with her new identity. She didn’t let the scale make or break her day.

To Sydnee, Lynn’s willingness to go all in and do the identity work is one of the key factors to her success.

Jared agrees that Lynn’s ability to observe her feelings and reactions, stop, and act in accordance with her new identity is a large part of why she has been so successful.

Lynn has found that the language used by Jared and his team just makes sense to her. The terms of “old identity,” “new identity,” and “sabotage” have really helped her in defining and identifying what she is doing and how she wants to act.

For example, If she has thoughts creep in telling her she doesn’t want to get up and do her walk, she is now able to put a stop to that and recognize that she is sabotaging herself.

Jared has been extremely impressed with how Lynn has been able to commit and have her actions follow through with her new identity. He points out that shifting the identity is not the hard part—it’s getting your actions aligned with the new identity that really requires work.

Lynn is proof that it is never too late to change your identity.

Why Sydnee Believes Lynn Has Been So Successful:

From the beginning, Lynn committed to being very honest with Sydnee and herself about what she was doing and eating.

Before beginning with coaching, Lynn would lie to make it seem like she was sticking to her plan—so her commitment to honesty was huge for her success.

A big turning point that Sydnee saw for Lynn was when she went on vacation. Sydnee always impresses the importance of enjoying your vacation upon her clients and she was very excited for Lynn to go have a great vacation.

When Lynn got back from vacation, she was stressed and feeling guilty about the food she ate during her trip—and during her check-in, was focused on the negatives.

After watching one of Jared’s calls focusing on the Reticular Activating System, Lynn realized that she was focusing on the negatives, so she went back and listed all her wins.

Those wins included getting back on track, being honest about the number on the scale, not sneaking any food on the trip, and not binging.

This was the point that Sydnee saw momentum really start to build for Lynn. Lynn was able to stop and shift her perspective to the positive—and totally changed her feelings about the trip.

Lynn comments that she now knows that she is not “good” or “bad” because of her food choices.

Her food is not good or bad, “Food is food, and Lynn is Lynn.”

She is now able to go out and enjoy time with friends, take cooking classes, and live her life.

She doesn’t shame herself about her body, worry about food, or deprive herself anymore.

What Made Lynn Take the Leap:

For Lynn, the shift came suddenly, but getting started was a little bit of a slower process.

She started listening to the Dieting From The Inside Out podcast first, and though she had paid for many different attempts at weight loss, she was not initially ready to try coaching.

Lynn entered a scholarship giveaway and didn’t win a full scholarship, but did win a partial scholarship.

Initially, Lynn turned down her partial scholarship but quickly changed her mind after listening to Episode 257 and hearing Heather’s “From Binger to Baker” story.

Hearing that Heather went from binging to being a baker and having a good relationship with food finally convinced Lynn to take the next step.

This is exactly the reason Jared likes to bring clients on the podcast—without hearing Heather’s story, Lynn would not have taken that leap of faith.

How Lynn Feels Now:

Lynn no longer feels restricted.

In the beginning, when she first started picking up momentum, she felt a little like she was almost getting away with something because things had been going so well. Now, she’s mostly just glad that she doesn’t feel restricted or deprived.

She can go into any situation, she can live her life.

Jared emphasizes that it’s all about food freedom. The freedom to go out, do whatever, and eat whatever.

Lynn is now eating 1900 to 2100 calories a day—at 5’ 2” tall and 65 years old—and she's losing weight while having the ability to enjoy any food she wants.

Lynn wants those listening to know that this can be you too. She didn’t know how intertwined her relationship with food was with her struggles—and learning to diet from the inside out has made all the difference.

Jared goes on to say that fat loss, we all know, is “eat less, move more, work harder,” but that’s the children’s coloring book version—the tip of the iceberg—and there's a whole lot more under the surface that needs to be dealt with.

Lynn’s Success and the Impact on Her Life:

Lynn used to say, “If I'm happy, I eat. If I'm sad, I eat. Any feeling I have, I eat over.”

She doesn’t do that anymore.

Lynn has learned to sit with her feelings and that she is not a failure simply because she can’t do something.

For example, she struggles with traditional meditation but has learned that she can meditate while she walks instead.

Her success in changing her relationship with food—and changing her identity—has carried over into other areas of her life. Lynn now wants to do things and participate in her life.

She can go out with her husband, she can go on vacation, and she actively wants to do all of those types of things.

Lynn has increased her steps from roughly 5K a day to 10K a day and she is much more mobile than before. She used to have trouble going up and down stairs because of her knee and would often rely on one leg, but she can now walk up and down stairs normally.

Jared makes a point to say that Lynn has taken her life back—all these things in the here and now that she is able to do, enjoy, and look forward to.

Many people don’t realize how their struggles with weight, health, and food are impacting their lives now.

Lynn is now strength training 3 days a week and getting outside her comfort zone more and more.

Sydnee’s Approach with Lynn:

For Lynn, a lot of the work revolved around talking through things and coming up with a plan.

Her game days with her friends, for instance, would make Lynn very nervous in the beginning—she wasn’t sure she would be able to stop eating all the available snacks.

So, she talked it through with Sydnee and came up with a plan.

Sydnee told her it was okay for her to have snacks.

Having that permission in the beginning was very helpful for Lynn and, over time, it became normal for her—and she now no longer has that fear.

Sydnee emphasizes that being honest and open with your coach is really important so you can come up with those types of plans—and adjust as needed—together.

For most of her life, Lynn didn’t have permission to eat what she wanted and felt a lack of control around food.

Now, she is able to make her own decisions about what she wants to eat and—because she knows she can have whatever foods she wants—she doesn’t crave specific things.

Advice from Lynn:

Lynn says she needed a coach—she needed someone to help her along the way.

She encourages listeners to continue listening to the podcast and says that coaching is worth every penny.


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