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How Beth Ended DECADES of Diet Struggles in Less Than 6 Months | DFIO Ep.247

About Today’s Episode:

Today we are talking to a client, Beth, who just graduated from our 180 IMPACT program.

One thing we do differently is that we do not have “career clients.” We want our clients to graduate from our 180 IMPACT program once they have the tools they need to be successful long-term.

Beth struggled for 20 years with weight and yo-yo dieting—and in six months of working with Coach Grant, she has 180’d her entire life.

I love these client episodes because it gives you the chance to hear from someone who is or has gone through the same things you are going through, and you can see that there is a way out for you.

If you've been struggling for a long time and want to find out how Beth was able to completely transform, then this will be a great episode for you!


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Episode Synopsis:

Beth Before Coaching:

Beth has had a transformative journey while working with Jared and his team. She is in her early 40s and has struggled for the past two decades with her weight and food relationships.

Beth had tried various diets and things to lose weight and, though she would make some progress, she always ended up back where she started.

She didn’t know why she struggled so much until she found Jared’s content and podcast, and upon hearing Jared say that a lot of people take their struggles with food and weight loss to the grave with them, she realized that she was at risk of continuing her struggles for the rest of her life.

After reaching out to Jared’s team and signing up for coaching, she learned the reasons behind her difficulties with weight loss and learned to make sustainable, permanent changes.

Jared has found that many people don’t think about their health, weight loss, and struggles at scale. Beth recognizing that these are issues she was at risk of never tackling is unique.

Beth has worked with coach Grant for about 5 to 6 months and is now graduating from the coaching program. Jared and Grant both note that Beth was an exceptionally quick study—she came in ready to implement changes.

What the Shift Was For Beth:

Beth pushes back a little about being a ‘perfect’ student—she has had, and still has, her wobbles.

For Beth, a lot of these moments of stress and apprehension come from conditioning—like seeing the scale go up. She was conditioned to react a certain way and to make that mean something.

These conditioned reactions had to be retrained.

Having Grant there to aid her and keep her on track helped her make these mental shifts.

Beth, as a leadership and mindset coach for women, has utilized mindset in other areas of her life, but she had never thought about applying it to her body image and health. Beth knows that mindset work is never done—you get to fall in love with the process—something that Grant helped her with from a fat loss perspective.

From Grant’s perspective, Beth’s shift came in a slow and steady fashion. Beth had many questions and concerns early on and Grant would give her information and help alleviate her worries.

Over time, as questions or concerns came up, Beth was able to answer those in the same way Grant would—by applying what she had learned while in 180 IMPACT.

Grant saw Beth’s confidence in herself grow, which is where things really started to shift.

Getting the Most From Coaching:

Beth would love to continue her work with Grant, but both Grant and Jared have recognized that she is ready to go out on her own because she is able to successfully use the tools they have given her on her own.

Jared has really appreciated working with Beth because, as a coach, he always tries to be the best client he can be—and Beth, also being a coach, is of a similar mindset.

She was able to fully commit and trust the process, learn and unlearn, and was willing to take feedback and course-correct as needed.

Beth impresses the need to go all-in, especially when you decide to make a financial investment in yourself through hiring a coach.

She recognizes the value of having a coach—being one herself. She also recognizes that she came into the 180 IMPACT program because she didn’t have the answers.

Jared explains that he has invested around $100K in coaching in the past 5 years—with about half of that going to one coach—one of the scariest things he has ever done. That investment, however, made him take that coaching extremely seriously.

Jared often finds it frustrating that people are willing to spend money on frivolous things, but unwilling to invest in themselves—though he does recognize that everyone has their own needs and he never believes anyone should feel pressured to hire a coach.

He believes a thoughtful look at where you are spending your money is beneficial. Where a person spends money, to Jared, is reflective of their priorities.

Beth’s Biggest Hurdle:

Beth really struggled with eating more in the beginning. She would frequently voice concerns to Grant that her calories were too high, but over time she realized that eating more was great for her energy and her workouts.

Beth was able to increase her calories and lose weight—and she’s currently on a reverse diet and still losing weight.

Beth also struggled with the scale. She had been dieting for 20 years and it was very ingrained in her that she needed to get smaller and see the scale go down.

Beth learned that to have the body she wanted she would need to eat more, put on muscle—which can cause the scale to go up—and she was able to stop freaking out about her weight fluctuations. Beth also learned from her food and weight tracking that fluctuations are completely normal.

Something that they teach in the 180 IMPACT Program is the need to look at data. Jared believes that we have to fight emotions with logic and understanding.

Emotional triggers—like the scale spiking—can be combated when you realize that you’re losing inches. You cannot always believe what you think and feel, which is why Jared so strongly believes in his clients looking at data.

Beth’s Mental Shift with Calorie Intake:

Beth was able to shift her mindset about eating more by zooming out and thinking about what she wanted from this process—how she wanted her body to evolve, look, and feel.

Grant once gave Beth an example after she had been looking back at old pictures of herself:

Beth realized she looked better now—but had higher body fat—and asked Grant how that was possible. His response was that an untrained body at a certain body fat percentage will look vastly different than a trained body at the same body fat percentage.

Grant Googled some images of Mark Wahlberg and then found some images of untrained individuals with a similar body fat level to illustrate this concept to Beth.

So for Beth, looking better despite the fact that she had potentially higher body fat than previously helped her a lot. She was able to understand that she wanted her body to look like she lifted weights—she didn’t want to just go to the gym and be a lower weight, but look soft. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to have the muscles she wanted by eating less and less.

Beth knows that the fix won’t happen overnight and she had no expectations that she would be “fixed” in six months. What she wanted—and achieved—was a different perspective.

To Grant, the reason Beth is so successful is that she is able to buy into the long-term and trust the process. Beth also follows through, despite being uncomfortable with things like eating more calories.

How Beth Learned to Trust the Process:

Beth had spent 20 years in what she described as an “unsustainable relationship that wasn’t working,” so she had no choice but to trust the process in her mind.

She wanted the results that Jared and his team were getting for others and she was ready to try something new.

Her weight, body image, and diet were things that she had not been able to fix on her own and there were times throughout the years where she had been quite emotional about it.

Beth believes that taking the emotion out of weight transformation—and having Grant there to break down logically everything that was going on—made her able to trust the facts and logic, letting her overcome any doubts she had.

Jared believes that transformation needs to be hit from mental, emotional, and physical angles to be successful, which is why 180 IMPACT is constructed to help clients from all of those perspectives—so that they have long-term success.

Advice From Beth:

Beth would tell anyone who is in a similar position to where she was before starting coaching that they need to recognize what’s not working. They need to ask themselves where they will be in 10 years if they don’t fix it.

If they believe they are destined for more in life and they want more mental bandwidth, they want to stop thinking about calories and how small they can be, and want a body image and body they can be proud of for the rest of their life to invest in that. Take the emotions out of it, get some support, and go all in.



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