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5 Mental Shifts to Put Fat Loss on Autopilot | DFIO Ep.276

About Today’s Episode:

How dope would that be if you could just put your weight loss and you feeling better and looking better on autopilot?

Today we are talking about mental shifts you can make to do EXACTLY that.

What got me thinking about this content was the Never Struggle Losing Weight Ever Again Masterclass I put on.

Basically, the premise of it is: you're focusing on the wrong things.

For most people who are struggling with all of this stuff, what's stopping you from losing weight has nothing to do with calories, workouts, meals, carbs, a sustainable plan, or any of that—the problem is the inner game.

So today, we are going to talk about 5 mental shifts you need to make to put your fat loss on autopilot.


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Your Autopilot Needs Fixing:

Picture this: You’re in Indiana, with me, and you’re trying to get to San Diego. So you buy a jet.

You get the best jet, the best engines, turbines, pilot, etc., but your autopilot is programmed to go to Hawaii.

So this jet that you built, it’s fast, but it isn’t going to get you where you want to be because it’s programmed to head in the wrong direction.

That’s where most of you guys are at with your fat loss.

You’re trying to do the best workouts, burn the most calories, eat the cleanest food, do all the things—but the problem is your autopilot is set on struggle, failure, and gain weight.

You wonder why you’re doing everything “right”—but it doesn’t work.

The problem is deeper.

You can do the most sustainable plan out there and it will not work if your autopilot is off track.

For example, in my Facebook community, I put out the most simple, sustainable plan—Project 90.

It’s so simple and sustainable that anyone could do it.

It’s only 90 days, but most people never finish it. They follow it for maybe 14 days and then they fall off.

Why doesn’t everyone complete it?

It’s because their autopilot is set to fall off, to struggle, to yo-yo, to sabotage.

You have to fix your internal autopilot first.

#1 Your Identity:

Put simply, your identity is who you think you are—it’s the story that you play over and over in your head.

If your identity is, “I’m the fat person,” then every time you go to lose weight, you’ll subconsciously find a way to gain the weight back.

Your identity could be, “I’m a dieter, I’ve always been on a diet.” So, when you go and lose 30 pounds, well now your identity is threatened because you don’t need to diet anymore—so you subconsciously go and gain the weight back.

If your identity is that you’re a “binger” or an emotional eater, what do you think will happen when you go 2-3 weeks without binging?

You will always come back to fulfilling the prophecy of your identity.

As Ed Mylett puts it, your identity is like a thermostat.

In my house, my thermostat is set to 69 degrees, so if it's hot outside and my dog kicks the door open and the house starts to warm up, well, the thermostat kicks on and brings it back down to baseline.

If you are set to struggle, yo-yo, gain weight, sabotage, etc., when you start to lose weight and be consistent, something is going to happen to cool your results off and bring you back to your baseline.

That’s why your identity is one of the biggest causes of your autopilot being off track.

You don’t have to leave your identity where it’s at just because you ended up here.

You can decide who you want to be at any point in time—adopt that identity, align all actions to congruence with that identity, and then before you know it, you will have a stack of irrefutable proof that you are who you say you are and now you have a new identity.

You have no responsibility to be the same person you were 5 minutes ago—you can decide your new identity right now—but it’s not going to be easy.

Your brain seeks self-preservation, so if you have been living with this old, shitty identity, your brain will try to resist change, but slowly, over time, your new identity will start to lift you up.

You have to change your identity.

Also, realize that most of you have identities that you didn’t choose, your parents could have called you a “worrier,” or said, “Oh, we’re just overweight people.”

Someone else put that identity there. You have to be careful about the identity you choose to take on.

You can’t keep your old identity and get the results you’re looking for. You have to become a person who happens to get those results. So instead of asking, “How do I get X,” you have to start asking, “Who do I have to become?”

#2 Your Reticular Activating System:

Your reticular activating system (RAS) is essentially what you focus on.

You have this thing that sits in the back of your head called your reticular activating system—it is your filter on life.

An example of your RAS at work is if you buy a new car and all of a sudden you see that car everywhere, or you hear your child’s voice in a sea of other voices. Your brain picks up on it because it's important to you.

In weight loss, your RAS is going to show you more of the things you're hyper-fixated on.

If you always focus on how much more you have to lose—or that the scale hasn’t moved—if you’re living in a place of lack, your RAS is going to show you more of that story and it’s going to hide everything else from you.

So, if you're focused on “weight loss is hard,” it's going to show you all the reasons weight loss sucks and is going to hide every reason it could be easy.

The crazy part is that if you believe that weight loss is simple and easy, your RAS is going to show you all the ways weight loss is simple and easy—and it’s going to hide all the reasons it’s hard.

If you believe, “I’m not meant to lose weight,” your RAS will show you all the reasons you aren’t meant to lose weight. It will hide all your wins.

Your RAS is like a gun—it just goes bang.

A gun has no morality.

A good guy can shoot a bad guy or a bad guy can shoot a good guy.

The gun doesn’t care.

If you tell your RAS, “Show me all the reasons my life is terrible,” it will go, “BANG—here are all the reasons your life sucks.”

The other side of that is if you go, “RAS show me how great things are and how I’m winning,” it will show you everything you’re winning at in life.

Your RAS just shows you what you’re focused on.

It’s the biggest game-changer ever. It either opens your mind or closes it.

#3 Daily Reflection:

Daily reflection, “How did I do today?”

You can’t get your autopilot to be really skilled without some reflection and course correcting.

You don’t go from sucking to autopilot effortlessly. This is a skillset, it’s a process.

Audit how these things are, how your identity is, how you're RAS is, and how your actions are. Did you slip into the old identity today? Were you focusing on how great you're doing or were you focusing on what’s stopping you?

You need to reflect daily—assess where your thoughts and intentions are at and then course-correct.

#4 Daily Inner Work:

You cannot overcome yourself if you can’t be with yourself.

All of this autopilot stuff is you to you. It's all about your relationship with yourself, your identity, your reticular activating system, and your ability to be with yourself and reflect and be honest with yourself.

The thing that’s really stopping you from getting where you want to be is you.

If you cannot sit with yourself, you will not be able to overcome yourself.

Putting your fat loss on autopilot means getting to know yourself and becoming really self-aware.

You need to journal how you’re feeling, your thoughts, and sit with yourself in silence.

So many people will do anything but spend time with themselves. It blows me away. People will do all this crazy, extreme shit, but if I ask them to sit and meditate for 5 minutes they say, “Oh, I can’t do that.”

That’s part of the problem.

You have to be able to sit with yourself and get crazy self-aware.

#5 The Plan Itself:

Your plan needs to be minimalistic, sustainable, and simple.

Most of you can’t put your fat loss on autopilot because your plan is just too crazy.

If your plan doesn’t fit your lifestyle—your day-to-day—you're not going to be motivated because you aren’t capable of accomplishing it.

Most of you are trying to do too much.

You’re trying to work out for an hour and a half every day, take all these supplements, carb cycle, calorie cycle, fast, make it vegan, and keto friendly.

It’s too much.

Make your plan minimalistic, simple, and sustainable. It has to fit your lifestyle.

Think about the areas of your life that you do have on autopilot—they’re simple and sustainable.

Remember, you can have the best plan in the world, but if you don’t do the other 4 things on this list, you will sabotage yourself.


The five mental shifts you need to have to put your fat loss on autopilot:

#1 Your Identity — Who you think you are.

#2 Your Reticular Activating System — What you focus on

#3 Daily Reflection & Course Correction

#4 Daily Inner Work — If you cannot sit with yourself, you cannot overcome yourself.

#5 The Plan Itself — Make it simple and sustainable


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