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What You Can Accomplish When You Invest In Yourself | Dieting from the Inside Out Ep.240

In today's episode, we're talking to my Director of Coaching, Grant, and his client, Tess.

I know a lot of people think, "Jared, you're in the fitness space, so you don't get it," and I understand where you're coming from with that sentiment—which is why I like to do these episodes so you guys can hear from someone who is or has gone through the same things you guys are going through, and you can see that there is a way out for you.

Tess has been able to make insane progress both internally and externally. She's fixed her relationship with food, lost weight, and gotten happier. Tess has 180'd her life in ways she didn't even think was possible.

If you're feeling like your life is not conducive to your goals, then this will be a great episode for you.


(00:00) – Introduction

(00:34) – Our sponsors

(03:29) – About today's episode

(06:03) – Tess's Story

(23:37) – Transformation

(38:28) – Investing in yourself

(48:19) – What made Tess successful?

(59:50) – Closing thoughts

(01:02:02) – Jared's outro and how to sign up for coaching

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Episode Synopsis

About Tess:

Tess has always dealt with weight fluctuations. Working in kitchens, she’s always tasting food, eating, and potentially overeating. She had previously lost weight, but in a restrictive, unhealthy way, and ended up gaining weight quickly again after she stopped her dieting.

Over the years, Tess told herself she was going to start working out, but didn’t get into it. Then, about a year ago, not only had she reached her heaviest weight, but was burnt out. At this point, Tess decided she had to do something, but again fell into restrictive, unhealthy habits. Tess was going to the gym, doing too much cardio, and placing unrealistic goals and restrictions on herself. The amount of pressure she was putting on herself ended up making her go nowhere.

Tess knew she needed to step up and do something different. She found Jared on TikTok in January, when he was doing a momentum challenge.

Doing the momentum challenge—and focusing on just a few things—made all the difference. Tess realized she needed guidance and accountability, and she needed to invest in herself.

Tess was previously a chef in Nashville and currently lives in Nebraska where her family owns a food truck, which she is now helping them grow.

Being a chef, Tess loves food. She doesn’t have a lot of negative emotions, but because she has such a passion for food, she would tend to overeat. Despite having had a very busy food truck season she has lost over 25lbs.

The biggest obstacles Tess has had to deal with include being away from home for days, tasting food all the time, and being surrounded by food all day, every day.

Tess has learned to start taking care of herself by doing some meal prep when she can and bringing food with her to eat to work. She has learned to adjust and make things work for her and her long work days. Tess has discovered that small incremental changes are the best way to make her transformation sustainable.

Throughout her coaching, Tess and Grant have approached everything as a learning experience and have taken the time to identify what is working for her and what isn’t. Tess has been able to let go of her need to be in control of every single thing surrounding her weight loss. Grant’s encouragement has been instrumental in helping Tess change. She’s been in coaching for 9 months and has grown more than she thought possible after struggling for years.

Jared Hamilton of the Dieting From The Inside Out Podcast with his quote about accomplishment and investing in yourself.
"It's impossible to get the thing we want without resistance. Resistance is required. In no world do we get the thing we want without its form of resistance." - Jared Hamilton


For Tess, about 3 months in, she felt she had changed. Her weight was dropping every single week. She was just focused on protein, calories, and the gym. It was about this time that she realized that the scale had lost its power over her. Then, this summer she started to fit into clothes she hadn’t been able to fit into in a year. Even when she goes through small fluctuations, she is no longer upset by them.

For Grant, he saw Tess’s real shift come after she had the chance to see solid data and results. By following her program, eating enough, exercising an appropriate amount, and living her life, she found her confidence.

Jared has noticed that Tess is great at taking wins where she can get them and hanging onto them. Tess now realizes that each small win brings out more small wins, and it’s helping her put her focus on her accomplishments.

Tess doesn’t have a finish line anymore because she’s reached a good mental and physical state and is now, finally, enjoying the journey. She can try things and take risks without the fear of falling off her program now that she sees it all as a journey and learning experience.

Investing in yourself:

Tess decided to invest in herself after her initial phone call when the momentum challenge had ended. She knew that the amount of money for coaching would have just gone elsewhere, likely on alcohol.

She knew that she gets one body, one life, and that working on getting herself feeling better physically and mentally was more important.

Tess needed to get to a place where she could enjoy her life—where she could go out hiking and do all the activities she loves. And because Tess made a real investment, a monetary investment, in herself, she has been able to take her weight loss journey more seriously.

It took years for her to come to the realization that the investment was not actually an issue, and it led to her being committed to changing and proving to herself that she could change her life.

When she was finally fed up of failing on her own, she was able to take the leap and get help.

Hamilton Trained fitness coach, Grant Ksenak, with his bulldog and his quote about investing in yourself.
"It's the little things that matter. It's the little things that you do—the boring stuff, the tedious sh*t that you do on the day to day—that leads to your success."- Grant Ksenack, coach at Hamilton Trained

What Made Tess Successful:

For Grant, what has made Tess so successful is that she does all the little things. Tess holds herself accountable on the small things she needs to do, the boring things, like stepping on the scale, tracking, and doing the boring work—day in and day out.

Jared has also noticed that Tess has gained success through:

  1. Letting go of desired outcomes. As Tess talked about earlier, she has no finish line now—she’s just enjoying the journey.

  2. She was willing to completely trust her coach, Grant, and give control over to him.

  3. She reframed every obstacle to a challenge that needed to be overcome.

Tess believes that trust is the key to her success. She has learned a lot from Grant, she believed when he said to do or not to do things, and putting that trust in Grant has made her trust herself more.

She is better able to listen to herself and her body, and she is still continually improving in her skills of self-trust while she enjoys this journey.


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