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Cody McBroom on Navigating Stressful Times & Developing Discipline & Grit | DFIO Ep.263

About Today’s Episode:

I’ve got a really cool episode for you today! I am bringing back Cody McBroom.

I had Cody on the show a few years ago and he was a fan favorite, so I am super excited to get him back on.

We talked about a lot in this episode—parenting, ownership, managing your mindset, how to make the most out of unprecedented situations, getting results regardless of the chaos around you, and a ton more.

It was an absolute joy to record this episode and I know you guys are going to get a lot out of it.

Let’s get into it!


00:00 Intro & About Today’s Episode

02:09 Our Sponsors

04:49 How to Balance Life and Goals

14:39 Extreme Ownership

17:59 How to Take Ownership

26:56 Intention and Deliberate Action

50:23 Equanimity

01:02:36 Outro—freebies & how to apply for coaching

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